1650RT Royal Reverb

The 1650RT Royal Reverb is the flagship tube amplifier of the Supro line. This retro-modern masterpiece updates the mid 60’s classic with an all-tube feature set designed to deliver superior sonic flexibility and ample headroom along with enough stage volume to handle any gig.

The blue rhino hide tolex, compact physical dimensions and fundamental circuit topology are all derived from the original 2 x 10 Supro Royal Reverb combo amplifier. Like its vintage counterpart, the new Royal Reverb’s power tube tremolo comes after the reverb pan, lending an ethereal shake and wobble to the enveloping wash of tube-driven spring reverb.

Independent TREBLE and BASS controls in the preamp provide enhanced tonal control while our unique, switchable power scheme allows the musician to coax a wide variety of texture from the 6L6-fueled power amp. The 35-Watt Class A (Cathode Bias) mode delivers a more spongy, vintage character while the 60-Watt Class AB (Grid Bias) mode delivers faster transient response with maximum available headroom and volume.

The unique Class A / Class AB switchability of the Royal Reverb model effectively equips this amp with two distinct tremolo voices. Set to Class A mode, the tremolo is pure vintage Supro, with its distinctive asymmetrical rhythm and overall depth dependant on how hard the output tubes are being pushed. Set to Class AB mode, the tremolo gets much deeper, with greater symmetry and overall range of amplitude modulation.

The Supro Royal Reverb carries a long, six-spring reverb pan with all-tube reverb drive; recovery stages provide warm and smooth ‘verb that “surrounds the note.” From subtle ambience to massive splashing surf madness, the Royal Reverb lives up to its name in every way.

Circuit Type: All-tube Supro Circuit
Wattage: Switchable: Class-A (35 Watts) or Class- AB (45/60  Watts)
Channels: 1 Channels
Tremolo: Yes, foot-switchable – purchase here!
Yes, foot-switchable – purchase here!
Assembled in New York, USA
Preamp Tubes: 4x 12AX7EH 1x 12AT7
Power Tubes: 2x 5881/6L6
Speakers: 2 x 10″ Supro CR10
Cabinet Dimensions (in.) 23 5/8” x 16” x 10 1/2”
Cabinet Dimensions (cm.) 60 x 41 x 27 cm
Weight (lbs) 56 lbs
Weight (kg) 25.5 kg
Tolex Blue Rhino Hide tolex
1650RT Royal Reverb
Blue Rhino Hide Tolex
Supro CR 10