History of Supro

Supro is one of the original Rock & Roll music brands. Manufactured in Chicago from 1935 to 1968, Supro amplifiers and guitars can be heard on landmark recordings by iconic artists such as Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones and David Bowie. Revived in 2013, Supro now offers a curated range of vintage-inspired guitars, basses, tube amps and pedals that capture the legendary Supro sound.

Discovering the Legend

by David Koltai

The signature sound and distinctive art deco styling of Supro tube amps and electric guitars have become an indelible part of rock & roll history. Picking up a Supro guitar and plugging into one of our tube amplifiers connects you to a musical legacy that begins with the birth of the electric blues during the Great Depression and culminates in the invention of hard rock music in the late 60’s.

Reviving a Legendary Brand

Music Trades – 2017

Supro, one of the pioneers of the electric guitar, is back with a new line of guitars and amps that pay homage to the classic designs of the 1950s and 1960s.

Supro Amplifiers: the Lore, the Legend, the Tone

by Dave Hunter

The legendary Supro logo with signature lightning bolt stirs several images simultaneously for most guitarists. Sum these up as unique looks, individual tone, and a near-mythic cool factor that is unmatched in the world of vintage tube guitar amplifiers; but the most common reactions to all of these sensations are best rendered simply as, “I want one!” Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Albert Lee and countless other stars wanted one too—and got ’em, using Supro amps to lay down the foundations of blues and rock.