The Silverwood was billed as “Supro’s Finest Electric” when it was introduced in the brand’s catalog of electric guitars and amplifiers in 1960. The natural blonde finish, seductively curved body and top-of-the-line electronics package on this model made it a favorite of the Mississippi-born-come-Chicago-bluesman, Jimmy Reed. Completely re-invented for 2019, the elegant shape of the original Silverwood has been contoured around a full-access satin neck with matching headstock and body binding — and voiced with our award-winning Gold Foil pickups.

The 2019 Silverwood gets its inspiration from the vintage Rhythm Master and Silverwood models of the late 50s and early 60s. The Rhythm Master was introduced in 1958 advertising it as having “Amazing electric rhythm tone”. The Silverwood appeared in catalogs in 1960. It was very similar to the Rhythm Master, but now with a “blonde mirror” finish, and bound neck, and was advertised as Supro’s Finest Electric. The Silverwood appeared in the Supro lineup for only a year or two. This guitar was later used by Jimmy Reed, the legendary American blues artist whose songs have been covered by the likes of the Rolling Stones, Neil Young, Etta James and the Grateful Dead. Jimmy Reed is also notable for having been one of the first to play harmonica at the same time as he played guitar, and fashioned his own harmonica holder from a coat hanger.

We took a few liberties in order to re-envision the the Silverwood for 2019. Refinements include bound neck and body, and gold foil pickups that sound amazing with it’s maple body. We also created a beautiful transparent racing green variation with mahogany body.


•Ash or Mahogany Body
•Set Neck with Black Satin Finish
•2x Supro Gold Foil pickups
•24.75″ Scale Length
•Pau Ferro Fretboard
•Block Acrylic Inlays