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Our mission is to restore and expand upon the historic legacy of the Supro musical instrument brand. In recreating the most desirable Supro amps from the mid 60’s, we have unearthed and brought back the long lost American sound. In its heyday, the tube amps made by Valco in Chicago under the Supro brand name were among the best sounding and top selling rigs on the planet. These amps played a significant role in defining the sound of rock and roll music. From the Southside Chicago musicians to the British acts that were inspired by these blues masters, the up-front and gritty sound of Supro was the de-facto tone of the day. Supro’s place among the pantheon of legendary tube amplifiers is without question, yet this sound has been unavailable in a new product for nearly 50 years. No longer will Supro amps be relegated to vintage secret weapon status. The torch has been passed. Absara Audio is proud to bring you the return of authentic Supro tone, Assembled in the USA

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